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The principles of design
By: Anna James | 13.06.2017

As any sphere of creation, design has it’s rules and structure, so to have good results it’s quite important to know and use them. It doesn’t matter what sphere do you work in, the main principles are the same and only with the help of them, creators can make something special and eye-catching.   Lots […]

Car companies logos
By: Anna James | 26.05.2017

Creation of a logotype is very important part of branding, so companies try to do their best, working with professional designers. Car industry is not an exception and as it’s known, car’s logos are  one of the most recognisable, some of them were redesigned for a couple of times, some stayed the same as they […]

Sites for designers to work on
By: Anna James |

The Internet is full of websites, where designers can earn real money. Some of them are more popular, so it’s a list of those, which are highly qualified and secured. Design Contest Perfect resource, that gives an opportunity to find professionals to work with and sell your creations if you are a designer ( www.designcontest.com […]

What to do and what no to do on your website?
By: Anna James |

          To do                                                                        Not to do

What is service design?
By: Anna James |

Service design uses a variety of design approaches to streamline and improve the way people interact with the brand. It result in more consistent, remarkable and meaningful customer experience.

Professional female designers
By: Anna James |

There’s a stereotype that good designer can be only a man, but that’s false and many women proved it by their creations. Women are hard-working and single-hearted workers, who make one of the most successful and interesting websites, apps and so on.   Animator and freelance illustrator from Netherlands made lots of creative characters and […]

The Franklin institute to release two escape rooms this summer time
By: Anna James | 30.03.2017

Philadelphians seeking out a little get away this summer season can head to the franklin institute, which this summer will debut new escape rooms in a museum first. The franklin institute’s inaugural foray into reality enjoyment kicks off june 14 with the release of intergalactic break out, followed by means of the debut of island […]

HostPapa Green Web Hosting is now a Google Apps Authorized Reseller
By: Anna James | 29.03.2017

HostPapa Support Services will enhance Google Apps for Business for small and medium sized businesses

HollywoodSportsbook.eu Announces Snow Days Equals Free Plays Promotion
By: Anna James |

Online gaming company to award Free Bets to clients if it snows where they live

DeJarnette Provides Vendor Neutral Archive Technology for Ontario’s GTA West Diagnostic Imaging Repository
By: Anna James |

DeJarnette Research Systems announced a seven-year contract with CGI Group, Inc., to provide Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) software technology in support of CGI’s contract with University Health Network (UHN), representing the GTA West Consortium.

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